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September 17, 2018

 "Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure." Proverbs 4:26

From the Principal.....

We are at the mid-point of the first quarter already!  That means that mid quarter reports will be sent home this week.  If you have not seen your child's report please contact his/her teacher.

Be aware that a survey regarding PTL is attached to this Chatterbox.  It has also been emailed to the addresses that we have for you.  Please take a minute or two to fill out this important survey either online or on paper.

The Rejoice Choir ( gr. K-6) is scheduled to sing this coming Sunday in worship.  Please have your students in the basement by 8:40 to warm up.  We will sing near the beginning of the service and then students will sit with their parents.

Student banking will be held this Friday.  Please refer to the note that was sent home regarding this program.

In Christ,

Mr. Schotte

Spelling Bee

Trinity Spelling Bee Contestants
September 21st-Friday at 1:30pm

1st-2nd Grade 
Warren C.  Brooklyn C.  Avery H.  Noah S.

3-4th Grade
Ashlynn C.  Victoria R.  Baydan S.  Eli S.


Jacob R.  &  Parker O. 


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Library News

Students can check out books from our library on Wednesday mornings. Please help your child remember to return his/her books so they may check out again.

Trinity T-Shirts

T-shirts are available in the office for purchase.

Dillons Gift Cards

Trinity now has Dillons Gift Cards available. These cost only $5.00. You take the purchased card to the store, upload it with cash and reload it in any amount you wish. Trinity then receives 5% of the uploaded amounts when products are purchased in the store!

Ink Cartridges

We have a collection box for your empty computer ink cartridges. These are recycled and we do receive a little money back. Be green and bring in your empty cartridges. We have collection boxes in the school office and church narthex

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Preschool Chatter

Last week:

This past week we learned about the American Flag and made our own.

In the 4’s class, we made our first self-portraits.  We also learned about the letter D and worked on sharing and working together. 

This week:

Religion:  This week we are going to look at the story of Noah and the great flood. Our memory verse is Remember me, O Lord.  Psalm 106:4

Reading:  This week our letter focus is the letter M. We will read Monkey’s Miserable Monday.  We will continue to look at “who” is our story about.

Math: In three’s math we will work on counting objects.  In the fours class, we will look at finding one more or one less.

Science/ Social Studies: In science will are going to continue to use our five senses.  We will do an art project that uses liquid watercolors and fresh lemons. For social studies, we will start to look at community helpers.

Social/Emotional:  We are continuing to work on following directions, being kind to our friends, and working together.

Have a wonderful week!   

Miss Kelly Rowe

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Kindergarten Kids


●    Wednesdays are Library days. Help your child remember to bring back books so they can check out more.

●    Monday and Wednesday they will need to wear shoes for P.E.

Upcoming events:

September 19 - Mid Quarter Reports go home

September 23 - Choir sings at 9:00 church service


We began finish Chapter 2 last week which covers number comparison of 0-5. The students will learn terms such as “greater than”, “less than”, “same”, and “equal.” They will learn to compare sets of objects as well as ordering numbers from greatest and least to greatest.


We are on to Unit 2, which is all about living things, what the needs are, how to classify them, and how to care for them.

Social Studies

Our lessons this week will be about helping one another, and who our helpers are here at school.


This week we will continue reading the story, Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip.

Our letters this week will be Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, and Zz.

Two new sight words will be  “I” "am" "the" and “little”.

Decodable readers will be coming home for practice.

Kindergarten Religion

We have looked at creation and the fall into sin. Because of people’s disobedience, God destroyed the world with a great flood; in His mercy, God saved Noah’s family and an ark full of animals. God gave humankind a second chance.

Kindergarten Memory Work:

Trust in the Lord with all Your heart. Proverbs 3:5

Have a wonderful week!

Jody Popplewell    

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Grades 1 & 2

We are back to are regular schedule this week. Please make sure you wear tennis shoes on Monday and Wednesday. Also if your child would like to bring a water bottle to school, please make sure it has a lid and their name in it.

Congratulations to Warren, Brooklyn, Noah, and Avery who will be representing the 1st and 2nd grade in the School Spelling Bee on Friday at 1:30 pm.

Reminder that this coming Sunday we will be singing at the beginning of the worship service at 9:00.

A book order went home last week. Book orders are due on Friday September 21st.

1st and 2nd Grade Memory Work: 

For You, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon You. Psalm 86:5.

1st and 2nd Grade Religion

God shows His love for us by turning bad situations into blessings for the good of His people.


All students should be at least half way to their AR goal. Keep reading at 15 minutes each night at home.

First Grade will be reading  Leya Robert’s  A Fox and a Kit. This week our phonics skills are inflected endings and plurals. Please look in your child’s folder this week for decodable readers. They will receive two each week. It is important to review these at home. We will take a test over the story on Friday. Each child will need to read the story at home on Wednesday and Thursday night and reread their story for the week. Other concepts that we will look at are asking questions and the author’s purpose.

 Our grammar lesson this week will focus on parts of a sentence. We have been working on learning different jingles (sentence, noun, verb, adverbs) and have added the adjective jingle. As we go through our lessons, we will look at the same 5 sentences and classify those parts.

 Second Grade will be reading Caroline Arnold’s  A Walk in the Desert.  Phonics skills this week are going to be inflected endings. Please look for the decodable reader in your child’s folder this week. We will also be looking for the main idea and supporting details. We will also reexamine the author’s purpose.  We will take a test over the story on Friday. Each child will need to read the story at home on Wednesday and Thursday night.

Our grammar lesson this week will focusing on reviewing our jingles that we have already learned and will look at ways to make our sentences more exciting, by using more descriptive words.


First grade will be working with subtraction concepts. This week the focus is on using pictures and the hands on method. We are also learning the vocabulary minus and difference.

 Second grade will be working with place value to 1000. We are going to be breaking down a number into expanded form and look at the value of each number. We will also be doing some activities along with these concepts. Please keep practicing addition facts.


We will be using inquiry skills to identify objects. We will be doing a lab on Monday to identify different objects.

First Grade Spelling Words-

nap naps sit sits win
wins fit fits hit hits

Challenge Words: her, too

Second Grade Spelling Words

talked talking dropped dropping excited
exciting lifted lifting hugged hugging
smiled smiling

Challenge Words: dragging, amazed, bouncing

Have a GREAT week!

Mr. Mann

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Grades 3 & 4

We are ready for another great week. Everyone is off to a great start! Students, please continue to read for AR. Mid Quarter reports will come home this Wednesday. If you do not get one, or have any questions please contact me.  Don't forget, this Friday is the last day to turn in your scholastic book order if you have not done so and would like to place an order. There were a lot of good books!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or catch me before or after school.


This week third graders will be reading If You Made a Million The concepts we will be working on are realism/fantasy and multiple meaning words. Please review vocabulary words and work with your child on retelling what they have read in their story. This will help prepare them for their comprehension test on Friday. I encourage students to read to, or read with an adult the nights they bring home their reading stories.

This week fourth graders will be reading The Horned Toad Prince. The skilkls we will be learning about are author's purpose and synonyms. Please review vocabulary words and work with your child on retelling what they have read in their story. This will help prepare them for their comprehension test on Friday. I encourage students to read to, or with an adult the nights they bring home their reading stories.


Both grades will continue to classify sentences.


Third grade tested over chapter 1 last Thursday. They will be moving on to chapter 2 learning how to represent and interpret data. Our next chapter is over multiplication. Please feel free to begin practicing multiplication facts early.

Fourth graders tested over chapter 1 last week. All students did a great job. Way to go!! We will continue this week with multiplication. We will learn different techniques of multiplying. If your child does not know their multiplication facts, please work on these at home. These are very important to memorize as we begin moving in to the multiple step math problems.


In science we have been learning about the engineering process.

Social Studies

Last week we got the opportunity to learn about the tragedy that happened on 9/11. We read a story about it and the students had very good questions about it. A special thanks to Parker for bringing and sharing some resources he had a home.

Grades 3 and 4 Religion/Memory Work:            

This week we will learn about God's promises to Abraham.  God promised many descendants to Abraham and promised that the whole world would be blessed through him.  This promised was fulfilled when Jesus was born to Abraham's line to be the world's Redeemer. 

Memory work for the week:Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; Knock, and it will be opened to you.”  Matthew 7:7.

Blessings,  Mr. Schotte

Third Grade Spelling-Test is every Friday

clean agree teeth dream grain
coach display window shadow flat
cheese peach braid Sunday thrown

Challenge Words: entertain, complain, bleachers, willow, wheat

Fourth Grade Spelling

prairie calorie honey valley money
finally movie country empty city
rookie hockey collie breezy jury
balcony steady alley trolley


Challenge Words: frequency, parsley, journey, chimney, attorney

 Have a GREAT week!

Miss Miller

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Grades 5 & 6



In religion class we are learning about Joseph.  We are examining how God used things that were intended to harm Joseph to bless him instead.  We will see how God used his wisdom to save Egypt and his own family during a devastating famine.

Memory work for the week: 

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  Jeremiah 29:11.


Fifth graders will finish up their first unit of study and take their first test this week.  Following the test we will begin a study of division of whole numbers.  We will start with division using one-digit divisors and then move on to two-digit divisors.

Sixth graders are beginning a study of fractions.  We will relate fractions to decimals and then perform the four basic math operations using fractions.


Fifth graders will read Satchel Paige.  Satchel Paige was one of the greatest baseball pitchers that ever lived.  Because baseball was segregated, he played in the Negro Leagues.  Paige liked traveling the country almost as much as he liked baseball.  He could strike out the best hitters with his crazy pitches and long-legged wind-up.  Even when he settled down and started a family, he could not keep away from his first love—baseball.  We will also work with compare/contrast and sequence this week.

Sixth graders will read Saving the Rain Forests. There is more than one kind of rain forests, but they all face similar risks, and many of those risks are caused by humans.  We depend on the rich resources of rain forests, but every year we put them more and more at risk.  Some people, however, want to help.  There are many ways to help save the rain forest.  Our skills for the week will be fact/opinion and graphic sources.

Social Studies

We are studying the area of the world referred to by many as the “cradle of civilization".  This area lies between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in the fertile crescent in present-day Mesopotamia.  We will also begin to discuss the earliest known forms of government.

Fifth Grade Spelling

supplied supplying denied denying deciding
included including admitted admitting occurred
occurring qualified qualifying identified identifying
delayed delaying satisfied satisfying

Challenge Words: occupied, occupying, criticized, criticizing, omitted, omitting

Sixth Grade Spelling

fierce weird piece perceive perfume
preserve soldier model multiple fuel
briefcase retrieve deceit perception vegetable
preferable rectangle bushel pinnacle preliminary

Challenge Word: tremendous, kaleidoscope, persuade, unyielding, preposterous

Have a great week!

Mr. Schotte


Mrs. Waldorf's Corner

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Technology & Art


We completed our online computer assessments last week.  Teachers will be using that information to help the students.  This week we will continue with math facts and other math programs as well as keyboarding in the upper grades.. 


This week our element of art will be value..

Mrs. Waldorf

Accelerated Reading

We are halfway through the quarter, so students should be at 50% of their goal to be on target for the quarter.  Congratulations to Noah, Quincee and Zane!  They have already met their goal for the quarter!  Rawson, Tipton, Malena, Avery and Adlee are zooming ahead at 75%!  Corbin, Tori, Jacob, Lyndsey, Sera, and Kaden are right on track!  I still have 4 students who have yet to take an AR test!

The party this quarter will be a artsy/craftsy project at Winfield Arts and Humanities!  It will be held at the WAHC building on October 17thAll tests must be completed by Friday, October 12th.  A paper was sent home on open house night that explains how to get on the site to monitor student progress.  (If you didn’t get a paper or lost your copy, please let me know and I will print you a new one.)  If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or send me an email at

Mrs. Waldorf

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PTL News

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