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October 16, 2017

 "God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

From the Principal.....

Welcome back for another week! We have a pretty active couple of weeks ahead. Parent-teacher conferences will be held this week. A sign-up sheet should have been sent home with your child. If you have not seen it, please contact your child's teacher to schedule a time to meet.

PTL meets tonight at 6:00. Tonight we will have a “Family Craft Night”. Please come and enjoy some special time with your family!

October is Fire Safety Month. Winfield Fire Department was at Trinity today to share with our students important information about fire safety and what to do in a fire emergency. They will be back tomorrow to present to the three-year old preschool class.

Our trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park is scheduled for Thursday, October 26. We will need to leave soon after 8:00, so please make sure your student is here on time!

In Christ,

Mr. Schotte



WHAT EQUALS $1,000?—–10,000 BOXTOPS!!

Our first Boxtops for Education contest will be each class collecting against the other classes.

Our contest will end on December 15, 2017.  Prizes for the winning class will be announced in December.

Thanks for saving Boxtops.

Collection boxes are in the downstairs school hallway.

PTL Tonight!

PTL will meet tonight-Monday, October 16th at 6pm. We will be doing a family craft night.


Nuts Nuts Nuts

Thank you for your orders!  They are being processed. We will let you know as soon as they arrive.

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Library News


Listed below are books that are overdue. 

Please return your books by Wednesdays so you may check out again.

Due October 11

Adlee-Two Minute Classics; Julius; What is a Princess

Andon—Motorcycles; Bugs

Caden—I survived the eruption of  Mt. St. Helens

Chaz—Fly Guy’s Ninja Christmas; Wimpy Kid Hard Luck; I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake

Clover-The Penultimate Peril

Jacob-Pyramid puzzle

Liesel—The Fairies’ Birthday Surprise

Lilah—Barbie as Rapunzel; Your Nose and Ears;

           The Little Mermaid

Malena—The story of the Wheel; Cocoa Bean;

              Where the Wild Things Are

Parker—Dinosaur Record Breakers

Tim—The Miserable Mill

Trinity T-Shirts

T-shirts are available in the office for purchase.

Dillons Gift Cards

Trinity now has Dillons Gift Cards available. These cost only $5.00. You take the purchased card to the store, upload it with cash and reload it in any amount you wish. Trinity then receives 5% of the uploaded amounts when products are purchased in the store!

Ink Cartridges

We have a collection box for your empty computer ink cartridges. These are recycled and we do receive a little money back. Be green and bring in your empty cartridges. We have collection boxes in the school office and church narthex

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Preschool Chatter

Last Week:  The pumpkin fairy came to visit us last week. She read a story about why it’s important to be honest and not lie.   We also painted a bat and pumpkin to be displayed in the classroom. In the four’s we finished our assessments, and we did stations.  In the three’s we learned about bats and what makes them unique and we made glitter pumpkins.
Thanks to everyone who brought their conference signup sheet back. 

This Week: 

This week is the start of second quarter which means we are going to be learning a new letter. 
Our first letter of the new quarter is N.
We will read the Nicest Newt.               

The fire department will be visiting us today and tomorrow. This week we will also compare and contrast two different  pumpkins and investigate the insides of a pumpkin.
In religion we will learn about Joseph, his family, and his brightly colored coat. 

The four-old's verse for the chapel is “You, O Lord are good and forgiving.”  Psalm 86:5

Special Dates & Announcements:

October 16th and 17th- Fire Department Presentation

October 20thNo School Parent Teacher Conferences

October 30th- 4’s Halloween Party   Room Parents: Valerie E., Jessica B.

October 31st- 3’s Halloween Party   Room Parents: Carrie H., Lacie W., Darcy P.

November 16th- Picture Day for 3’s.

Please bring any Box Tops you have and place them in the Pre-K container. This will help us in the class competition

God's Blessings,

Miss Kelly Rowe

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Kindergarten Kids


Tuesdays and Thursdays all students will need proper shoes for P.E.

Wednesdays are our library days. Please remind your child to return their books each Wednesday so they are able to check out more.

Upcoming events:

Parent Teacher Conferences will be October 16-19. More information will be coming home in students home folders as the dates get closer. 

1st Quarter Swimming Party at Southwestern Pool - October 24 - more information to come.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park field trip day - October 26.

Halloween classroom party - October 31st - 2:15 p.m.


Chapter 4 will wrap up on Monday with a Chapter Review/Test. Chapter 5 will focus on addition as the students begin to learn the words add, total, plus, and equal when reading an addition equation.


We will finish our study of the letter “Ss” and move on to “Pp” as we read another nonfiction book about babies animals in a grassland.

Three more high frequency words will be added this week: we, my, like. Our skills include color words used as adjectives, listening to directions, knowing the author’s main idea.


Now that we have learned what plants need, we will move onto the parts of plants.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we will discuss how people earn money and how they spend money.

Kindergarten Religion

God gave Moses a special job to do: to be the leader of His people. God calls each of His children to work for Him; sharing His message and His love.

Kindergarten Memory Work: Speak, Lord, for Your servant hears. 1 Samuel 3:9


Jody Popplewell  

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Grades 1 & 2

Upcoming Events:

Parent-Teacher Conferences this week.

Field Trip to Tanganyika on October 26th.

Halloween Class Party on October 31st @ 2:15

1st and 2nd Grade Memory Work: God provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy. Acts 14:17

1st and 2nd Grade Religion

God is with us and provides for all our needs both physical and spiritual. As we go through the week, we will see how God provided for the Israelites as they wandered through the desert. 

Social Studies

A community is a place where people live, work, and have fun. This week, we will see how rural, suburban, and urban communities are alike and different.


This week, we will be taking a look at the design process and see how many objects are made up of more than one material.


First grade will be working with making a 10 to add and 3-digit addition. Keep practicing those math facts as they will help the new skills we are learning.

Second grade will be working with problem solving and writing equations. Please keep practicing those math facts.


First grade will be reading Pat Cumming’s  The Farmer and the Hat. There will be two phonics skills focusing on the long /a/ (the CVCe pattern) and c /s/, g /j/ sounds. Please look over the decodable readers that go home and review them with your child on Monday and Tuesday.  Time will also be spent on cause and effect. We will have a test on Thursday over the  high-frequency words and comprehension questions from the story. Students should read their story at home on Tuesday and Wednesday night .

Second grade will be reading the folk tale Turtle’s Race with Beaver. During this week, we will focus on r-controlled vowels (-er, -ir, -ur). We will also spend time following a sequence of events. Please review these concepts this week.  A test will be given on Thursday over the vocabulary words and comprehension questions. Students should read their story at home on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

In English, we will continue to learn about the different parts of speech. We have been working on identifying different parts of speech and the complete and subject and predicate. We have also begun learning the capitalization rules.

Have a great week!

Mr. Mann

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Grades 3 & 4

Upcoming Events:

Parent teacher conferences will be held this week.

October 16- Winfield Fire Department visited our school

October 16-Join us tonight for PTL at 6:00. We will have a short meeting followed by fun crafts.

October 17- Our class will be traveling to Cowley County Historical Museum for some fun activities they have planned

October 24- We will be having our quarter swim party. Please bring a swim suit and a towel in bag.

October 26- Tanganyika field trip. We will be leaving shortly after 8:00

October 31- Class Halloween party will be at 2:15. Classroom parents who have signed up to help are Shauna F., Shambrie L. and Katrina T.

All tests will be this Thursday. There is no school on Friday.


3rd graders: This week third graders will be reading Prudy's Problem and How She Solved It. The skills we will be working with are main idea and using a dictionary. I encourage you to have your child read the story to you and work with your child on retelling what they have read. This will help prepare them for their vocabulary and comprehension test on Thursday.

This week in English students will be learning about Irregular Plural nouns.

4th graders:  This week fourth graders will be reading Grace and the Time Machine. The skills we will be working on are prefixes and drawing conclusions. I encourage you to have your child read the story to you and work with them on retelling what they have read. This will help prepare them for their vocabulary and comprehension test on Thursday.

In English this week, students will be working with Irregular Plural nouns.


3rd graders are now working with multiplication facts. They are learning different ways to find the product. They will be focusing on 2,4,5,7 and 10. Please practice these facts at home.

4th graders will begin working with division. They will estimate quotients using multiples, and work with remainders.

Social Studies

This week we will be visiting Cowley County Historical Museum. They will be presenting “History Comes Alive”. They will experience firsthand early  life in our county as they move through interactive “hands on” centers, hear early stories of Cowley County shared as our early settlers and leaders “come alive”.


The Winfield Fire Department will be visiting our school.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Have a GREAT week!

God’s Blessings,

Ms. Miller

Grades 3 and 4 Religion and Memory Work:

We continue to study the life and times of Martin Luther. We will see how God guided him through his periods of doubt and questioning to becoming a man of great faith and conviction.
Memory Work: “He saved us not because of works done by us...but according to His own that being justified by His grace we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.” Titus 3:5, 7.

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Grades 5 & 6


We will begin our study of Martin Luther and the Reformation this week. We will see how he discovered God's grace in Holy Scripture and how he worked to get the Church back to the truth of God's word. Memory Work: “Proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” 1 Peter 2:9. They will also learn, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10.


Fifth graders will be estimating decimal sums and differences before finding actual sums and differences. They will then begin to look at patterns in decimal addition and subtraction as well as working with money problems.

Sixth graders will have a chapter review and then a chapter test on their work with rational numbers. Our next chapter will be on working with ratios and rates.

Social Studies

We have finished the study of the formation of the original 13 colonies. Now we will begin looking at life in those colonies. We will study patriots such as Benjamin Franklin, and also look at the practice of slavery in the colonies in the 1700s.


Fifth graders will read a selection entitled The Ch'i-lin Purse. This is a story of Hsiang-ling, a spoiled young girl, who, on her wedding day gave a purse of riches from her mother to a less fortunate bride getting married on the same day. Later, Hsiang-ling was separated from her husband and son after a horrible storm. She found work taking care of a spoiled young boy in a wealthy home. The boy's mother turned out to be the poor bride Hsiang-ling had helped so long ago. The mother was so grateful that she split the family's fortune with Hsiang-ling and helped her find her husband and son. Our skills for the week will be compare/contrast and sequence.

Sixth graders will read A Week in the 1800s. A group of modern children step into a historic settlement in Canada to see what life is like in the 1800s. They use the language of the time, dress in typical clothing of the era, and do work that would be expected of them. At the end of the week, they all have a new appreciation for life today. Literacy skills for the week will include various graphic sources, and compare/contrast.

Shurley English

We continue our work with sentence classification. We have begun working with sentences that have compound parts (subjects and verbs) and also those containing interjections. The students seem to be grasping these concepts very well.

Have a great week!

Mr. Schotte


First Grade 

face made age safe take
make cage cake late name

Challenge Words: could, old

Second Grades

her person nurse dirt turn
birth serve curb curl skirt
purse turtle

Challenge Words: hamburger, perfect, surface

Third Grade-Test is every Friday

sunglasses football homework haircut popcorn
railroad snowstorm earring scarecrow blueberry
butterflies lawnmower campground sandbox toothbrush

Challenge Words:thumbtack, earthquake, scrapbook, courthouse, whirlpool

Fourth Grade

morning forest garbage form alarm
corner story argue backyard start
partner storm Florida apartment sport
force forward sharp garden Arkansas

Challenge Words: departure, margarine, informative, snorkel, carnation

Fifth Grade

snore tornado spare appear career
square report prepare pioneer chair
beware smear repair sword ignore
order engineer resort volunteer declare

Challenge Words: impair, directory, hardware, clearance, porpoise

Sixth Grade

ancestor hospital grumble sponsor superior
escalator encounter shoulder skeleton forbidden
appetizer identical abandon governor endeavor
outspoken durable lengthen cinnamon interior

Challenge Words: interpreter, bachelor, accelerator, acquittal, misdemeanor


The kindergarten class will continue working on the ipads with handwriting skills. First and second graders are working on a keyboarding unit as well as practicing math facts. The third-sixth graders are working on keyboarding skills, a little coding, and math facts.

Mrs. Waldorf


Grades were given to the classroom teachers.  My grading is based on how well students follow instructions on the art project.  If your child’s grade is below what you think it should be, they are either not following instructions, have a late assignment, or are missing an assignment. 

We will be doing some fall art pictures and discussing what elements of art that are being used.

Accelerated Reading

The first quarter party is on October 24th.  It is a swimming party.  We have begun the reading for the second quarter.  Now that we know how AR works and have practiced, the goals will go up.  READ, READ, READ!!!!!

Thanks to Seraphina and Clover for making their goal in the William Allen White contest!  We had a FABULOUS time in Emporia!  Just ask the girls!  I can’t wait until next year!  Mrs. Popplewell and I are already making plans!

Mrs. Waldorf

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PTL News

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