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November 18, 2019

 "Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you." James 4:8


Thanksgiving Appreciation

Save the Date!
Winfield Christmas Parade

Trinity PTL will be participating in the annual Winfield Lighted Christmas Parade

Saturday, December 14, 2019 @ 6:30pm

Chapel Offerings for Murphy Henderson Education Fund

All of the first semester chapel offerings will got to the memorial established for Max Henderson, the Murphy Henderson Education Fund. Please Note: Semester Ends 12/19/2019



Trinity will be using Remind to help communicate school information this year. Remind is a communication platform that helps educators reach students and parents in a timely manner. Messages are sent in real time to an entire class, a small group or just a single person.

Nuts Have Arrived!!!

Nuts have arrived for distribution. Please pick them up in the basement.  Additional nuts are available for sale in the church overflow.

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Trinity News.....................
Dillons Gift Cards

Trinity now has Dillons Gift Cards available. These cost only $5.00. You take the purchased card to the store, upload it with cash and reload it in any amount you wish. Trinity then receives 5% of the uploaded amounts when products are purchased in the store!

Ink Cartridges

We have a collection box for your empty computer ink cartridges. These are recycled and we do receive a little money back. Be green and bring in your empty cartridges. We have collection boxes in the school office and church narthex

Overdue Library Books

Please return Library Books Wednesday so you may check out more!
When a student has a book more than a week overdue, they are not permitted to check out another book until it is returned or paid for. 

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Preschool & Kindergarten

Greetings Pre K and Kindergarten Parents!

Our Pre K & Kindergarteners have been very busy in school this week.
Last Tuesday afternoon the Storm Chaser Mobile and Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman came to visit. She reminded Trinity students they can become anything they want to be. The students enjoyed the Storm Tracker Car and all its technology features.

Thank you once again to all our Book Buddies! Both students and book buddies are enjoying the time together while Kindergarten practice their reading skills.


  • Please be sure your children bring coats for recess and please help them practice zipping and putting on their coats, gloves, tying shoes, etc.
  • Please read 20 minutes a night with your student and fill out reading log ( due first of every month).
  • Please return library books each Wednesday so students can get new ones each week.
  • Please do flashcards 10 minutes daily.

Our Specials Schedule is as follows:

Choir- Monday & Wednesday 10a.m.
P.E.- Tuesday & Thursday 10a.m.
Library- Wednesday 8:30am.
Art- Friday 12:30-1:15

Parents have asked about homework: if you are able to work a few minutes a night on number and letter recognition that would be Great! Besides that I just ask you read 20 minutes a night with your child. Reading Logs are due the 1st of each month. 

For students that love technology a great learning website is  Click here to go to the site.

It is great for building Pre K & Kindergarten skills and beyond. 


Memory work for this week is: Give Thanks to the Lord for He is good and His love endures forever. Psalm 136

Our bible story is: The birth of John the Baptist-Luke 1:5-25, 57-80

This week:

This week in reading our story will be Whose Garden is it?

We will continue our unit: Where do Animals Live? 
Our question is: Who Lives in the Garden?

Our level reader will be "Tim's Garden".  The decodable reader going home will be "Sam, Sit!".  We will continue to work on phonics Ll/l/ and Ii /i/ sounds.  We will build on our reading skills with beginning, middle and ending sounds. We will also work on blends CVC words, as well as, our high frequency words.

In Math, we will continue addition while starting subtraction. 

PreK will will focus on letter Ll /I/, recognizing shapes, colors and numbers 1-20. Also singing our ABC's, letter and sound recognition.

We will use calendar time to build skills: recognizing days of the week, months of the year, counting and daily message.

In Science we will learn about Earth's Resources-Earth Science-Rocks.

Thank you again for all you do to make your children successful. Thank You also for all the parents who donated snacks to our classroom. Your kids are learning so fast... I've had so much Fun watching them grow and learn.


Katrina Tarver

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Grades 1 & 2

Good Day Parents and Congregation,

Today is a beautiful day!

1st  and 2nd  Grade Religion

Memory Work:Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart.  1 Thessalonians 5:18

Skit for Chapel-  We are practicing as much as we can for November 22nd Chapel assignment!  You are invited to come see the skit "At The River".  It may be very interesting!  It is in the Sanctuary Friday at 8:15 am.  

First Graders

1st  Grade Reading- We will be reading about communities in nature.  The story is called "Honey Bees".  We are reading about the communities of animals. This is an expository nonfiction  The phonic sounds we learned are: long "e" "ee", and the syllables VCCV.

1st Grade English-The students are learning how to read directions, as well as classifying parts of speech. They will be choosing parts of speech from a word bank that helps them make their own sentence. They are honing in on their capitalization rules 

1st Grade Math-This week we will be using ten frames with subtraction problems.  We will be finishing Chapter 4.  

Second Graders

2nd Grade Reading- We will be reading "Dear Juno".  Thi is a realistic fiction story. The phonics we will be studying are "o": oa, ow.

2nd Grade English-They are beginning to learn how to write a two point expository paragraph.  They will be choosing their own topic to write about, then creating their own paragraph!

2nd Grade Math- The students are learning how to regroup tens and ones to add.  They are learning to add 2 digit numerals vertically.  

Writing-  The children are learning how to perfect their writing skills and posture while in writing class.  Writing is a subject that they must take their time in to perfect their handwriting.  This is a slow paced class which they seem to enjoy!  

Science-  You may already know the class works together in Science.  Last week the class was assigned to experiment and build a back-scratcher from unused items around the house or recycling items.  The back-scratchers will be on display in our classroom this week if anyone would like to come see their inventions!

Spelling tests are Friday.

First Grade Spelling Words

be feet he see we
green me she tree week
some family

Challenge Words:  

Second Grade Spelling Words

goat hold show most bowl
float toast ago oen told
toad slow almost throat hollow

Challenge Words: 

I hope all is well.

Peace and Joy,

Sherry Pugmire

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Grades 3 & 4

Upcoming events:

November 22nd-mid quarter report sent home

November 29th-Thanksgiving Dinner (students sing)

November 27-29- NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving Break

I sent home your child's new ZPD for AR. At the bottom of the page, it shows what reading level your child should be reading at. If you did not get one or have any questions, please contact me. 

3rd Grade AR goal-10 points

4th Grade AR goal-15 points

Here's a look at our agenda for the week:


Third graders will finish up and test over chapter 5 this week. They will then begin working with division after Thanksgiving break. However, we will continue our times multiplication tests each week. This week students will be doing x3. Please practice multiplication facts at home.

Fourth graders will continue to work on division this week. After Thanksgiving break they will then begin working with factors, multiples, number patterns and prime and composite numbers. Students will take x3 for their timed multiplication test this week. All 4th graders could use extra practice on tables of 6,7,8,9 and 12.

Social Studies

In social studies students have been learning about traditions and the heritages in different countries. Students have enjoyed sharing their traditions they do with their families and comparing them to traditions celebrated in different countries.


We will continue learning about animals and their environments.

Shurley English

This week we will continue to classify sentences. We continue to review the jingles. We will specifically be focusing on subject-verb agreement this week.

Grades 3 and 4 Religion:

We continue looking at God's wonderful creation and how He cares for us in so many ways.  We are studying the role of angels and how they are God's messengers and protectors.  We will also see how the devil tries to lead us astray, but how God has already defeated him through Jesus. 

Memory Work: “Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”  James 4:7.


This week third graders will be reading Pushing Up the Sky.

The skills we will be working on are using a glossary and author's purpose . Please review vocabulary words and work with your child on retelling what they have read in their story. This will help prepare them for their vocabulary & comprehension test on Friday. I encourage students to read to, or read with an adult the nights they bring home their reading stories.Be sure to be reading for AR. All students should be at 50% of their goal by November 22.

This week fourth graders will be reading Adelina's Whales.

The skills we will be working on are fact/opinion and homonyms. Please review vocabulary words and work with your child on retelling what they have read in their storyThis will help prepare them for their vocabulary and comprehension test on Friday. I encourage students to read to or with an adult the nights they bring home their reading stories. Be sure to be reading for AR. All students should be at 50% of their goal by November 22.

Third Grade Spelling-Test is every Friday

unhappy recall disappear unload mistake
misspell dislike replace mislead disagree
rewrite unroll unknown dishonest react

Challenge Words: unfortunate, discourage, uncomfortable, recycle, mispronounce

Fourth Grade Spelling

piece peace break brake threw
through by bye beat beet
thrown throne aloud allowed past
passed weight wait there their

Challenge Words: principal, principle, symbol, cymbal, stationary, stationery

Have a GREAT week!

Miss Miller

Grades 5 & 6

Religion:  We are studying the creation account and the wonderful order and planning that God used to create things just as He wished them to be.  We will also look at the work of the angels and their role in protecting us.  We will see that the devil also is a real being that wants to deceive us and lead us away from God's love.  We will once again find out that his works are futile because Jesus has won the victory.  

Memory work for the week:
Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.  Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.Ephesians 6:10-11


Fifth graders continue their work with decimal multiplication. We have been working with multiplying decimals by whole numbers. We move on to decimal by decimal multiplication, multiplication using expanded form and multiplication with money. We will also solve real world word problems.

Sixth graders continue their work with ratios and rates.  We are using unit rates to solve problems and will learn how ratios remain consistent when they are graphed. We will have a test later this week and then move on to a study of percents.

Social Studies

This week we begin looking at the English, French and Dutch settlements on the eastern seaboard of this continent.  We will also look at the first permanent colonies that England established in North America. 


Fifth graders will read Leonardo's Horse

The year is 1452.  The Duke of Milan wants a statue of a horse to give to his father.  The great artist, Leonardo da Vinci, believes he alone can make it.  He begins work on it at the age of 30, but is never able to complete it.  Our skills for the week will be main idea and fact/opinion.

Sixth graders will read When Marian Sang.

Marian Anderson was not allowed to attend music school because she was African American.  Though she performed in Europe with great success, in the United States it was nearly impossible for her to sing in public.  People supported Anderson, and eventually she performed at the Lincoln Memorial and at the Metropolitan Opera House.

Fifth Grade Spelling

waterproof teaspoon grasshopper homesick barefoot
courthouse earthquake rowboat scrapbook countryside
lightweight fishhook spotlight blindfold whirlppool
tablespoon greenhouse postcard hummingbird thumbtack

Challenge Words: sledgehammer, brokenhearted, chalkboard, straightforward, granddaughter

Sixth Grade Spelling

international prehistoric untrustworthy constellation honorary
disagreement preparation Philadelphia promotional constitution
unbreakable biodegradable coordination compassionate impossibility
entirety executive companionship unnthinkable predicament

Challenge Words:inappropriately, nonnegotiable, nondiscriminatory, instantaneously, decaffeinated

Next week will be a two-day week due to the Thanksgiving break.  Any news or notes will be sent home in a brief format.

Have a great week!
Mr. Schotte

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